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Want to Drive a Racing Kart ?
Mirage Racing Gokart
Introduction to Karting
Solo Driving School
Our Instructors are National Karting Champions

800 Bullis Road
Elma, NY 14059


Introduction to Karting - Drive a Spec 4-stroke Racing Kart
This program is One on One - student and instructor.
It is an exciting taste of open wheel racing with multiple timed sessions on the small oval track in a racing kart.
Learn the proper driving line, throttle on/off rhythm, how to apex a corner, and driving consistency.

Our computerized timing system records all lap times and charts the performance of the driver.
Throughout the program, this information will help you and the instructor analyze and improve your driving style,
as well as increase your control and confidence behind the wheel.
Concentration, speed, and consistency are required to finish at the top.

In conclusion an *MXK Driver’s License is issued to each student who successfully completes the program.
Fee: 1st hour $100.00
Subsequent hour(s) $75.00
Intro program is available for Multiple Drivers - rates determined by number of participants.

NYKA Racing Program Qualified drivers Only - requires *MXK Driver’s License
Thursday evening: 6:00pm
Qualified drivers have the opportunity to race different track(s).
3 - timed practice sessions
3 - timed qualifying sessions
1 - timed multiple lap session or wheel to wheel race
Fee: $75.00
MXK Racing supplies racing kart, timing system, instructor, helmet, and jacket.
If student has a helmet & jacket, he/she can use it.
Call MXK Racing 716.674.9494 for details or to register for our unique driving experience.

(above photo) WNED/Carl Russo 97 Rock/Buffalo Jills - Charity Event (jun 2002)

Call today for scheduling of your custom driving experience package.

Our Instructors are National Karting Champions

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